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How To Get A Curly Perm Using Zotos Quantum Firm Options Leave a comment

How To Get A Curly Perm Using Zotos Quantum Firm Options. Hey, hope you guys fall in love with your curly hair like she did ! This process might take long but it’s worth it .

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About Zotos Quantum Firm Options

Zotos Quantum Firm Options gives you the flexibility of wrapping with water, lotion or both to create firm, resilient curls with noticeable movement. Quantum Firm Options is ideal for normal, resistant, fine or tinted (up to 20 volume) hair, and hair with varying porosity.

What makes it special?

  • Advanced organ-infused neutralizer.
  • True-to-rod size curls that won’t relax.
  • Ideal for springy curls, or long hair.
  • Improves wet and dry combing.
  • Intense, long-lasting shine, instantly
  • Alcohol free, oil free
  • Helps moisturize and protect
  • No dryer heat required.

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